There’s not much else to say about this.

The videos are, how shall we say, lacking in substance, but there are always two points. Hurf durf – get it? They’re actually quite depressing as the girls either:

a) Have nothing to say, but want views and they know that racks will get views


b) Think that the only way people will listen to them is by showing off the goods.

However, while watching about 4 of these pointless videos by a certain vlogger and becoming madder and madder at the inane babble coming out of her mouth(go to youtube and search for RE: THINGS THAT RUIN THANKSGIVING(also, we all know the real reason you’re bending over)), I eventually came across something called AshleysHugTime.

I think she is doing what I’m doing–mocking these girls–albeit with more┬ásubtlety and an equally impressive rack. I’m not quite sure, though, as I watched an hour-long-plus “live” video that made me think otherwise. Either way, AshleysHugTime content is certainly more entertaining than just watching a pair of tits inarticulately describe why something “sucks” or why it’s “hot in the basement.” SPOILER: it’s because it’s the basement. There is humor in the AshleysHugTime videos make me want to come back, as opposed to the other vloggers who are clearly just fishing for larger view-counts with some eye-catching curves.