If you came here from Twitter via the Strip Search #ElimComic tag, thank you for visiting! Google Analytics tells me that I had a record day yesterday thanks to that tag.

In other news, I added a little Events heading to the left to mark the con I’ll be attending in a month or so: Denver Comic Con! This will be my first con as an exhibitor and I’m planning on loads of fun. For Chronic Malpractice, I’m printing up a 20-page mini comic of the best 3 panel strips from the archive. I’ve printed up a prototype on lousy paper to give you a feel for the size and how it’ll look, but the final version will be on super great cardstock and the color will be uniform.

The gallery below shows a few pages of the comic and also a few shots of the comic with their original drawings.


Also, to make Denver Comic Con ever more fun, check out my Indiegogo campaign!