And he will do this in the strong intellectual conviction that there is intrinsic value in abhorrent, appalling jokes, if they make people think, and that, as long as you have rigorously analysed the purpose of saying something, there is nothing that cannot be said.

–Euan Ferguson, The Observer, The Guardian, “Why Chris Morris had to make Brass Eye”, 4 August 2001, http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2001/aug/05/news.film


I am just a guy who likes making comics. Sometimes I put sketches and animations on StewPed.com which is part sketchbook, part blog. You may have seen that ‘life is pain’ eye poking animation that’s floating around the web.


Chronic Malpractice is the idea of doing something over and over again. That’s what comics are. Each comic here is a failed experiment in some aspect of the comic-making process.
Chronic Malpractice is comics that may not be for everyone.

Actually, they certainly aren’t for everyone.


Questions and comments can be sent to: aj (at) stewped.com