A couple of weeks ago on Twitter Kris Straub posted some of those silly formspring questions. This one (below) reminded me that I had some ideas which would fit perfectly in the chainsawsuit style.

Man, I wish someone would do a parody of my stuff. I think that good, strong parody, even when cruel, indicates a level of attention paid or care that is rare. It really is about distilling the most familiar traits of a thing, then putting them on display in a clever way. It’s an essay. It’s a form of criticism, which can be corrective or supportive. No one has done it to me, I think, because no one thinks enough of my work.

I’m not quite sure if this is parody or not as, from my point of view, it would fit right in on his site. If I had drawn it better. It is pretty obvious that I didn’t practice drawing in that style, but I figured, “they’re just fat stick figures and I’m decent at them!” My linework could be a bit thicker, but I have terrible anxiety about drawing thick lines. Any time the line became thicker (due to the pressure-sensitivity) I screamed a bit in my head and erased.