Like most of the webcomic community, I’ve been watching Strip Search. The best episodes have been the elimination episodes, where we finally get to see the artists make some comics.

If you haven’t been watching, two artists get put up for elimination at the end of each day-which is covered every 3 episodes. The two artists each pull an idea out of a magic trash can full of ideas, then they each create a comic that somehow incorporates the two topics.

Every time I see one of the episodes I think, “I should pause this once the ideas are shown, then go create my own comic.” The pressure of “the competition” won’t be there, but I could at least set myself the same time limit.

So, on Friday when the new episode was released, the two ideas were FLATULENCE and COUNTRY FAIR.¬†After the ideas were revealed, and before I went to look at the spoilers to see the comics produced, this comic is what I conceived. I didn’t give myself a time limit, though. I just wanted to produce it. I estimate it at 4 hours. Next time, though…